How to Spot Opportunities at the Online Casino

1If you are looking to make some easy cash while playing at the online casino, you have to be willing to look in places most players will not. Too many players hit the online casino and gravitate to games they play all the time and then wonder why they are getting the results they always get. If you are tired of loading your bankroll with cash and would like to take some money off the table for once, try a few of these tricks for spotting opportunity at the online casino.

Start by playing slot machines a little differently. Instead of heading to the latest releases at the online casino, open each game and jot down the highest dollar amount on the pay tables. Do this a few times until you start seeing a pattern. There are going to be machines where the top pay is average, and then you will see a few machines where the top prize is enormous. Those are the machines you need to focus your efforts because you hit the top prize one time and you have enough cash in your bankroll to ride out several losing sessions.

If you like table games, Blackjack should be the only game you play if you want to make some consistent cash. Even if this is not your game, it should be for one reason, it can be beaten. Take the time to find a free Blackjack basic strategy e-book online and study it cover to cover. Now you will be able to raise your bets when certain hands appear, and you can stop making the same mistakes that are costing you all your cash.

Try to think that betting at the online casino is like a small job, and you will never play the same.

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