Month: January 2017

Top Signs You’re Addicted to Online Slot

4There are two types of gambling addicts. We are going to help you identify if you are addicted to online slot machines.

There is nothing bad like being addicted to something. Most addicts dedicate most of their resources to their addiction. Being addicted to gambling is not a good thing because it has ruined many people’s life.

There are some addicts who become bankrupt because they have used all their money gambling. Others have debts which they cannot repay.

The following are some signs of gambling addiction:

  • When you start believing that you will recover all your money that you lost. This will automatically motivate you to keep on playing.Sadly, not all recover their money.
  • If you notice that you are lying about the amount of time you spend playing online slot machines, it simply means you are starting to be addicted to the slot machines.
  • Playing online slot games longer than planned can be a sign of addiction. It means that you find it hard to stop playing the slot games. Be careful because this is point where people lose a lot of money.
  • Spending more money than initially planned is a direct sign of gambling problem. Most addicts admit that they have a problem playing on their initial planned budget.
  • If you find yourself lying to your loved ones about the amount you win or lose when playing online slot machines, you should be worried. This might be a sign that you are addicted to gambling. It means you lose a lot of money that you can’t afford to say the truth.

It is better to identify early if you have a gambling problem and get help rather than keeping quiet and ruin your life.

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